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LifeStyle Enhancing eServices on Subscription

The network of LifeStyle Direct companies, acting as product licensees of eServe delivers Online Educational Subscription Services to Consumers globally. These services include our CareAssist Support Bundle, SmartMoney Money Literacy Program and our MoneyMaster Wealth Creation Program.

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Digital Support Bundle

CareAssist is an Emergency Mobile Response Application & Online Life Coaching Service with Subscription Loyalty Cashback Rewards for loyal annual subscribers.

Pricing Tiers: S$20 / S$30 / S$40 pm

Money Literacy Program

SmartMoney is an Online Money Literacy Program with Subscription Loyalty Cashback Rewards and Long-Term Cashback Bonus Rewards for loyal annual subscribers.

Pricing Tiers: S$100 / S$250 / S$500 pm

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Wealth Creation Program

MoneyMaster is an Online Wealth Creation Program with Exceptional Long-Term Loyalty Cashback Bonus Rewards for loyal annual subscribers.

Pricing Tiers: S$250 / S$500 / S$1,000 pm



Through a collaboration of product participants in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe we  perform all functions pertaining to the provision, delivery and management of online subscription services to consumers, including consumer boarding, billing, subscription payment collection and CRM.

All  product bundles and brands are crafted specifically for each market, through brand-specific cost-benefit and language localisation. We often add subscription loyalty reward benefits to encourage signups and regular subscription fee payments.

What We Do

We render and distribute intangible products and subscription services to the aspirational sector of the mass consumer market globally

Why We Do It

Improving the lives of others is as important a goal to us, as is our responsibility towards principal stakeholders. In line with this philosophy, we tailor our unique products and services for each market territory.

These creative product offerings are specifically tailored for the wider portion of the population of a specific market and aim to address shortcomings in traditionally available service offerings, with cognisance of social and cultural values.

How We Do It

We employ creative Business Models, Marketing Solutions, Risk Profiling and Technology to find innovative solutions that give our businesses a competitive edge in the eServices space.

Why Consumers Love Our Products

For decades, the aspirational sector of the mass consumer market had limited access to professional advice and financial services products, due to high costs and ever-increasing complex, restrictive regulations, and systemic exclusion.

Our research has shown that these consumers have a real need for sophisticated products. Considering the global regulatory regimes, we have crafted unique products that address consumers’ needs, yet fall outside of traditional financial services regulations, as true innovative alternatives to regulated financial services, such as micro-credit provision, short term finance, insurance, financial advice, and wealth creation products.

Our unique approach to product offerings has proven to be widely acceptable and in high demand in almost every territory that we have ventured into, or at the very least has great appeal to a specific market segment within each country.

Take-On Procedures

Subscribers can benefit from our services via various distribution channels that lead to secure online product portals that facilitate customer boarding. Stringent security and validation checks are employed during this boarding process.

Subscription Payments

Consumers may pay for their subscription services through various Card Association Programs, such as MasterCard, VISA, and CUP. Our various product portals in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe act as secure gateways for consumers to register and capture their payment card details.

Risk Management

We value our clientbase and its integrity and therefore take risk management, legal compliance, and industry guidelines seriously. We ensure that the full scope of our operation adheres to: Payment & Card Industry Guidelines, Stringent Internal Risk & Fraud Checks, and our Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

Where We Started

Our product offerings are the culmination of years of cycled product development, testing, tweaking, and re-testing since 2014. We could pilot our offerings in two countries for the first time from April 2016. The beginning of 2017 brought about further rollouts and piloting at a rapid rate.

Global Customer Care

We render global customer support via Online Chat, eMail, and Voice during extended office hours through our network of CRM consultants in Bangkok (Thailand), Cape Town (South Africa), Manilla (Philippines), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Tallinn (Estonia). We further service our customers 24/7 online through our Product Web Portals, Mobile Applications and Artificial Intelligent Messaging and Online Chat services.












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